I’m still focussed :) End of last week was poor but started fresh Monday and doing good.

2 runs, a gym session and a lot of walking. Coupled with a much improved diet this week has left me feeling really positive. I know I can do this. Done it before.

Hope you guys are all having some wonderful Easter family time. I know I am :)

God bless xx


everything you love is here


everything you love is here

Omg take the food away from me. I can’t stop eating today.

I took the kids out for a kick about earlier given that this is a run rest day for me so I haven’t been completely lazy.

Bad. Bad Lisa. Must be better.

Heading off to bed my lovelies.

Managed to get two of the kids to come with me for a 4 mile walk/jog this afternoon. It would normally have been a proper run but the kids are off for Easter so it’s fun to get them involved. I’ll go for a run myself tomorrow after work.

Diet was ok today. Not great, not terrible. Better tomorrow.



Run for yourself. Run for your own PR. Don’t run because someone else tells you. Run because you want to get better.