Soooo yesterday was a blow out cheat day. No idea how many kcal I consumed but it was A LOT.

Today is Monday which means long run day. 10km commute back from work. I haven’t run since Wed because I was sniwboarding Thu and I’ve been a bit sore since lol. Hopefully my run tonight will go well.

What am I saying. Of course it will go well. My Monday runs are always amazing.

Hopefully I’ll eat well lol. That’s the only doubt. Got a lot of making up to do.

Weight wise. I’ve fluctuated from 189 to 183 (yesterday) in the past 2 weeks. It’s up today after my blow out yesterday (187 ugh) but aiming for 182 for Friday.

Couple of clean eating days and I’ll recover. I got this.

So I did the whole snowboarding thing. Tried skiing. Climbed an ice wall (John Snow wasn’t waiting at the top. Disappointing).

I didn’t really enjoy it. But I tried. It was different, new and challenging. Not my thing. Too awkward and unnatural. I’m glad I gave it a go though.

It was a hell of a workout. My lower calves are aching and the climbing was good for upper body. I was soaked with sweat (cute right?) haha.

Meanwhiiiiile…still doing pretty good on the food front. Hurray for that :)


Pomegranates = love.


Pomegranates = love.

3.5 miles yesterday. 3.5 miles today. Averaging at 10.5 min miles. Not bad.

Trying to make up for ridiculously drunken Easter Sunday and inevitable hangover food. You know how it is.

Marathon Lisa. Not a race.

Oh. Snowboarding tomorrow! Exciting right? New experiences and all that. Wish me luck?