Day 131

Look at me with the daily personal posts! Wooo :)

Feeling good today guys. Took the kids swimming today so was in the pool for a couple hours but wasn’t actively swimming…just really playing around with them but it beats sitting on your butt all day. 

Came home and decided to go for an outdoor run cos I haven’t done that since I started running at the gym and my endurance has really improved on the treadmill.

My God. I realised today how different the treadmill and running outside actually is. It was super hard. Obviously the terrain isn’t flat, it’s pretty up and down and I think you run a little faster when you’re outside, the treadmill keeps my speed controlled and steady. But I completed my usual route (it’s just over 2 miles) and cut 2 mins off my best time to date :) So although it was damn hard, it was worth it. I love progress.

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